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We are a nonprofit Veteran mental health support organization on a mission to become the largest collaborative and synergistic social experiment for supporting Veterans.

About Us

Our Mission

& Vision

When our nation’s military Veterans made the choice to enlist or accept a commission as an officer, they signed a blank check payable for up to and including their life.

With the utmost gratitude and respect, we believe it is our mission to provide the “backup” or mission support for these heroes as they return to civilian life.

No service member carried out their military missions alone, and they shouldn’t be left without the proper backup when they make the transition out of the service either.

The mission of Convergence is to provide personalized and innovative opportunities for Veterans in need, offering them the resources and support necessary to overcome physical and psychological challenges.

The Problem

Veterans’ Mental Health Crisis

During over two decades of continuous war, starting in 2001, the United States deployed over 2.7 million voluntary service members to Iraq and Afghanistan

Among those that returned home, an estimated 1/3 or more suffer from PTSD, depression, or other trauma-related conditions. These conditions have significant negative impacts on Veterans’ health and well-being.

According to the 2022  National Suicide Prevention Annual Report by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, from 2001-2020, suicide rates among Veterans have been from 12.1 to 66.2% higher than those of non-Veterans.

Although the VA has taken steps to improve Veterans’ access to mental healthcare by allowing Veterans to see non-VA mental health professionals, it simply isn’t enough.

A 2018 study from BMC Health Serv found that 77.9% of eligible Veterans lived in rural communities, and of these rural Veterans, 70.2% were in areas with a mental healthcare shortage.

These disheartening statistics clearly show that the current resources for treating PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues for Veterans are insufficient.

We MUST provide additional support for our returning service members – support that doesn’t rely on the VA or overwhelmed local mental health providers in the rural areas where many Veterans live.








substance abuse


trauma related conditions



The Solution

Holistic Therapeutic Resources

Convergence is an innovative solution that improves the lives of Veterans by providing them with a single point of contact for a multitude of accessible mental health resource and support to tackle the challenges they face every day.

We support Veterans’ mental health through programs centered on the healing power of animals, nature, and mental health professionals.


Mental Health Professionals


Equine Therapy


SCUBA diving therapy


"Pets for Vets"




Veteran - Involved Humanitarian Missions


Veteran - Involved Scientific Programs

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team

Convergence is a program founded and led by Veterans, First Responders, and mental health professionals. Our senior leadership team members bring a combined wealth of personal and professional experience navigating the types of mental health and well being challenges our Veterans face in their post-military lives.

Daniel Erbling, CEO/Executive Director

Daniel’s professional career includes senior executive roles in Fortune 250 organizations in marketing resource management, IT, and supply chain.

He currently works as a consultant, volunteer firefighter, and rancher in the Inland NW.

Erbling brings a personal perspective to Convergence’s mission as a current TBI patient whose treatments, insurance claims, physiological, and psychological events afford him a firsthand perspective of what Veterans encounter with their disability claims, post-military careers, and adjusting to civilian roles.

Mark Ford, Director of Operations

Mark is a U.S. military Veteran whose background includes training as an EMT/Medic along with completion of several pre-hospital emergency care and other advanced medical training courses.

Mark is a certified peer counselor, Veterans’ assistance liason, critical incident stress de-briefer, and is trained in cognitive hypnotherapy.

Mark’s passion is to assist returning Veterans who have physical and/or psychological trauma which is beyond the scope of currently available VA support.

Mark provides Veterans with dive therapy and reintegration training via humanitarian outreach mission participation opportunities aboard the M/V Ceaseless Explorer.

Nathan Akridge, Director of Public Relations

Nathan Akridge has served 22 years in the United States Army. During that time, he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and served along the Southwest U.S. border.

Akridge has served as a Public Affairs NCO, a Family Advocacy Specialist, and a Community Relations NCO.

His passions include volunteering and he continues to help out at the Killeen Food Care Center during his spare time.

Akridge’s long-term goals include getting his dog Olivia trained as a service dog and to continue serving the Active Duty and Veteran communities.

Erin Driskill, Director of Mental Health Services

Erin Driskill, LCSW, is the founder and director of Choose Well-Being Psychology Education.

She has her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and over 15 years of experience working in community mental health at the first worldwide Dialectical Behavior Therapy clinic

Erin has extensive experience with high-risk populations, including suicide substance, trauma, loss, co-morbid disorders, chronic depression, panic, and anxiety.


How You Can Be Part of the Solution

Together, let’s converge on this opportunity to empower and heal those who have given us their all.

Ways you can help:

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Partnerships
  • Collaboration
  • Channel Partnerships

Your donation, volunteering, or partnership will provide crucial mental health support to those who have served.

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