Support The Mission!

Financial support is a vital resource that allows our team to reach, support, and equip Veterans for their next mission in life.

Convergence is funded in several ways, including government grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and fundraising events.

We rely heavily on these sources to ensure that our programs can continue to support Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Your gift is crucial to crafting a lasting legacy within our communities, states, country, and world.

When you give financial support to the Convergence mission, you help pave the way for a Veteran’s post-service success.

Our funding is allocated based on greatest impact for Veterans and primarily goes toward mental health programs such as counseling, suicide prevention, and PTSD treatment.

Future plans include job training with micro degrees from online academies like Udacity to help with career placement.

We make giving back easy with your choice of PayPal, Square, or a Wire Transfer.

All Donations To Convergence Are Tax Deductible (dba Convergence) is registered as a Washington State nonprofit corporation and a Federal Tax Exempt Entity 501 (c)(3). TIN 85-3212741.